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The importance of dental care is changing. Today, people visit a dentist to not only address toothache and pain, but to also improve their smile. Dentistry and professional dental care is important because the power of a beautiful smile leaves a great first and lasting impression with everyone we meet, but also within ourselves. None of us live in a bubble. We all have relationships we value. Having a great smile can leave us, not only with a higher self esteem but bring joy to others around us.

For a dentist in Fleming Island dedicated to only the highest in quality and emergency dental care, look no further than the Center For Dental Excellence (C.F.D.E).

As the name implies, The Center For Dental Excellence is about Excellence. Excellence in service, execution and care. The Center also provides professional dental services with reasonable and competitive pricing.

In the industry for over 15 years, the C.F.D.E. has brought in only the pinnacle of talented and experienced dental specialists dedicated to excellence in their profession. The Center For Dental Excellence is a one-stop-clinic for all your dental needs – extractions, endodontics, dental implant services, implant-supported dentures, oral surgery, and periodontics.

Why Entrust Your Oral Health To The Center For Dental Excellence?

Firstly, how many of us give importance to our oral health?

With technological and scientific advancements in dentistry, the revelations of dental care and oral health are only now coming out. Because of these findings, the majority of people are now becoming more conscious of the benefits to bettering their oral health. Gone are the days when people would only visit their dentist if they experience a toothache. Today, maintaining oral health allows for the prevention of diseases, including ulcers, heartburn and even cardio-vascular disease. For preventing oral disorders and other connected diseases, there is no better consult than with the Doctors of the C.F.D.E.

A Collaborative Approach To Dental Care

As a one-stop-dental clinic, The Center For Dental Excellence uses a collective approach to dental care. It is to make sure that all dental procedures are carefully examined and taken care of by professionals, be it a simple dental procedure or a complicated dental implant.

Dental Care Backed By Over A Decade Of Experience

The Center For Dental Excellence is under the management of Stephen Strout, DMD, MS. He oversees a team of dental professionals dedicated to ensure that all services provided, from the basic to complex ones, are delivered with the utmost care and professionalism.

The office has been seeing patients since 2006.

As time has passed, the Center for Dental Excellence has kept pace with the various adjustments in techniques, procedures, and equipment to make sure the clinic remains at the forefront, not only in care and procedure, but also provide an exceptional experience.

State Of The Art Dental Technology

The latest innovations in dental technology are used to provide the best possible treatments (comfortable and convenient) to address oral problems, improve a smile, and overall health. With the advancements in innovations in dental technology, dental procedures that may require multiple clinic visits can be done in just one session and in a less invasive way.

∙ CEREC – This equipment helps skip the long process of taking impressions. It uses a digital scanner to instantly design and fabricates crowns, bridges, to name a few. With the use of this equipment, patients no longer need to visit the clinic numerous times as a single office visit can do all the restorative wonders.
∙ Diode laser – A laser dentistry is used to provide pleasant dental care. with the use of a diode laser, pain-related to dental procedures can be reduced significantly. It can also reduce the treatment time, improve procedure precision, and minimize the discomfort during the recovery phase.
∙ DIAGNOdent – It is a modern way of detecting cavity. It uses laser fluorescence to check the cavity in the earliest stages. Early detection is a must as it helps resolve the problem in a less invasive and less expensive way.
∙ WaterLase – One of the reasons why some people don’t want to visit a dental office is they see dental procedures as something painful. Well, not at all as Center Dental Excellence uses WaterLase; a tool that combines water, air, and laser energy to perform a variety of pain-free treatments. It works well with both soft and hard tissues. Hence, enabling the dentist to correct a huge array of oral and cosmetic issues.

Home Of Experienced And Friendly Dentists

Entrusting your oral health to someone can be quite a challenge considering the fact that there are many dental clinics today. With the Center For Dental Excellence, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have the best Dentists providing exceptional dental services. It is the home of experienced and friendly dentists. Our comprehensive dental services provide you and your family with oral health that will last for a lifetime. The majority of dental procedures are performed on the premises to provide you with the convenience and comfort of a single, comprehensive dental service.

The Center For Dental Excellence is the name you can trust when looking for a dentist in Fleming Island. It takes a highly personalized approach to dentistry – be it an emergency or a scheduled visit. With its team of experienced dental professionals, a highly personalized approach is drawn by creating a customized treatment plan that takes into consideration the patient’s dental needs and personal preferences.

It acknowledges the fact that every patient is different and needs the most attentive care. The Center for Dental Excellence continues to strive hard to meet the unique needs of patients and to not only meet but most importantly exceed patient’s expectations. Since 2006, the Center has been providing comprehensive dental services to people in the First Coast region of Northeast Florida. From a single local dentist's office, it has grown to become a family of specialized practices. There are now three locations in different parts of Florida. Its dental offices will treat you and your family just like its own.

If you are in need of a dental service, be it a routine check-up, tooth extraction, or complex restorative procedure, do not hesitate to contact Center Dental Excellence. Its collective dental services make it a one-stop-clinic for all your dental needs. You can set up for an appointment or come in as a walk-in patient. For your dental needs, the Center For Dental Excellence is the perfect place to be.

Lastly, we’re proudly located in Fleming Island, Florida offering a range of services and covering other areas such as:

St Augustine
Fleming Island
Orange Park

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